About Advance
Nursing Institute (ANI)

Advance Nursing Institute INC’s vision is to strategically develop the highest level of unique, significant, and valuable continuing education that will meet the needs of evidence-based practices of nursing and health care.


The purpose of the Advance Nursing Institute INC. is to provide unique continuing education courses to nurses. Advance Nursing Institute will make every effort to provide affordable, high-quality nursing education by keeping the learner’s needs and evidence-based current practices at the center of educational material provided.

Nurses will have the option to:

  1. Create a Profile
  2. Read Courses online
  3. ownload Courses (Word, or PDF)
  4. Print Courses
  5. Pay for Courses Prior to taking your Test
  6. Take your test
  7. Complete Evaluation of course
  8. Print Certificate

Definition of Continuing Education

Continuing Education Units for nursing are an educational measure intended to increase the knowledge, skills, and practice of nurses and health care workers to maintain licensure in their state of practice.

Advance Nursing Institute INC will provide unique continuing education programs to nurses, and health care workers. The continuing education programs will compromise health care diseases, disparities, and community networking related to nursing practice but not included in everyday practice. Advance Nursing Institute will create educational units based on community needs.

To expand nursing and health care workers’ knowledge through continuing education.